What We are Focused On

Enhancing our AI Capabilities

At Applied Training Solutions, LLC, we harness the power of generative AI to drive transformative change. Our team excels in creating custom AI solutions that enhance productivity, creativity, and growth. Join us and leverage our expertise to stay ahead in a competitive market. 

Here are some of the top AI capabilities we are currently exploring:

  • Custom LLM Integration
  • AI Assistants and bots within our external products
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Use for internal Company process streamlining

See what our Digital Solutions team can do for you!

The Digital Solutions team at Applied Training Solutions, LLC  provides expert information technology support to corporate and government organizations. Our IT infrastructure and cybersecurity services include Artificial Intelligence integration, Full Stack Software and GIS Development, risk management framework maintenance and certification, network maintenance and management, and simulation center network infrastructure support.


The ATS Digital Solutions Team is ready to support your organization and maximize the efficiency and security of your network systems, today.

Line of server cabinets maintaining network in data center

Capabilites & Services

Full Stack Development

Our development bench contains certified and cleared full stack developers proficient in many programming languages.

Cloud Service Expertise

Our cloud services engineers are experts in deployment and management. We specialize in container-based architectures.

Data Management

Our data architects have decades of experience designing, modeling/building and managing data.

UX Design and Development

Our UX research team consisting of information architects can help you to build award winning UI design.

Customized Solutions

GIS web application development

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) web application development is our specialty. ATS has years of experience designing and building award-winning, custom software tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers!

We can offer the following custom solutions-

  •  ESRI and Open Source GIS technology consulting
  • ArcGIS Online and cloud GIS solution development
  • Geospatial data modeling
  • Map-centric software application development
  • And so much more!

Certifications & Awards

And the winner is...

The Digital Solutions team is proud of the hard work and dedication we place on our design and development principle.  We are recognized in the industry for our contributions to the software development field.

Our Solutions at Work

If you can dream it...

our team of very talented  technical engineers can design and build it!


Let Us Build the Perfect Solutions for Your Business

Explore more of our Capabilities and Services

Digital Solutions is one focus area within our company, integrated into much of what we do. We continue to expand our capabilities within Mission and Program Support, Modeling & Simulation, National Security & Mission Assurance, Training and Training Development, as well as our Digital Solutions!

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