Artificial Intelligence

Seamlessly integrate leading Large Language Models (LLMs) into your existing software infrastructure to enhance functionality and user experience. 

Develop cutting-edge generative AI applications that create unique content, automate workflows, and improve decision-making processes.

Build intelligent chatbots that utilize advanced AI models to provide personalized customer service, streamline user interactions, and improve engagement. 

Utilize AI to predict trends, behaviors, and outcomes, helping businesses make data-driven decisions and anticipate future challenges.


Generate high-quality written content automatically, from marketing materials to technical documentation, reducing time and effort for content production. 

Analyze and interpret customer sentiments from various sources to gain insights into customer satisfaction and improve service delivery. 

We understand that every business is unique. That's why we offer personalized generative AI software solutions that are crafted to meet your specific needs. Our expert team ensures that our AI technologies align perfectly with your business goals, driving success and growth.

Full Stack Development

C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript/Typescript, Node.js, Python, SQL, Visual Basic and VBScript, Unreal and Unity

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Frameworks/Libraries (React, Angular, Vue.js), Responsive Design, UI/UX Design, Native App (ReactNative, Swift, Kotlin, Expo)

  • Databases
    • Relational: PostgreSQL, MySQL
    • NoSQL: MongoDB
  • Server Management: AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean
  • Containerization/Orchestration: Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes
  • APIs: RESTful APIs, 3rd Party Integrations

All developers hold certifications in SCRUM methodologies including: 

Our technical teams incorporate a high level of quality assurance and controls to ensure delivery of quality software for all clients.
  • ISO 9001
  • CMMI Level 3 – Software Development

"Technically Awesome!"

"When you bring smart people together to solve technical challenges that have a positive outcome - we've done our job."

Mike Suman
Vice-President of Technology
Applied Training Solutions, LLC

GIS Software Development

Harness the power of the web with our robust Web GIS development services. ATS designs and implements web-based GIS applications that provide real-time spatial analysis and visualization.

Stay connected and make informed decisions on the go with our Mobile GIS development capabilities. ATS creates intuitive mobile applications that bring the full functionality of GIS to your fingertips.

Innovate and engage with our Game Engine development services tailored for GIS applications. ATS leverages advanced game engine technologies to create immersive, interactive 3D environments that enhance spatial data visualization and analysis.

Maximize the potential of your spatial data with our ArcGIS Online integration services. ATS helps organizations seamlessly integrate their GIS data and applications with ArcGIS Online, enabling powerful cloud-based mapping and analysis capabilities.

Unlock advanced GIS capabilities with our ArcGIS Pro development services. We provide customized solutions that leverage the full potential of ArcGIS Pro, allowing organizations to perform complex spatial analysis, create high-quality maps, and manage extensive GIS data efficiently.

Cloud Service Expertise

Our teams use industry standard container architectures.  We specialize in Docker.

Our DEVOPS team has experience using the industry providers including: AWS, Azure and Digital Ocean.

Data Management

The data architects at ATS have experience performing data modeling and design on enterprise scale data marts (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostreSQL) and use industry standard design patterns to create the best solutions for our clients.

We work with such modeling tools including:

  • DataGrip
  • Toad

We ensure the highest standards of data security for our data at rest and data in motion.  The standards include encryption techniques and preventative measures to deter malicious SQL injects.

Our team has expertise in relational and non-relational technologies including:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

We have experience in Business Intelligence including:

  • SAP
  • Business Objects

UX Design and Development

Our team of designers can provide creative direction, user experience design, design systems, content design, and rapid prototyping for any size project.

Customer journey maps help illustrate the overall experience a customer has with a service, a physical or digital product, or even a brand. Journey mapping helps clients in different ways when it comes to improving and optimizing your customer experience.  Let our designers help you get started.

Our Digital Solutions Team is proud of the hard work and dedication we place on our design and development principle.  We are recognized in the industry for our contributions to the software development field.

  • 2022 San Francisco Design Week Honorable Mention
  • 2021 San Francisco Design Week Winner- Best UX Design

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